30+ Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Here is more than 30 Modern Decorated Living Room Ideas for your home. These living room decorating ideas will give you inspire to decorate yours.

1- Zeera Slate 36952 – Living Room

Zeera Slate 36952 - Living Room

Source: www.moduleo.co.uk/product/zeera-slate-36952

2- Montreal Oak 24570 – Living Room

Montreal Oak 24570 - Living Room

Source: www.moduleo.co.uk/product/montreal-oak-24570

3- Kohavi Residence, Portola Valley, California

Kohavi Residence, Portola Valley, California

Source: www.swattmiers.com/kohavi-residence

4- Conrad Residence, Sausalito, California

Conrad Residence, Sausalito, California

Source: www.swattmiers.com/conrad-residence

5- Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

Source: www.minosadesign.com/p/interiors.html

6- Modern Lounge

Modern Lounge

Source: www.minosadesign.com/p/interiors.html

 7- Modern Condo

Modern Condo

Source: www.slic-design.com/westlake

8- Boerum Hill House, Brooklyn, New York

Boerum Hill House, Brooklyn, New York

Source: www.jpda.net/projects/boerum-hill-house

9- Sunset Park Townhouse

Sunset Park Townhouse

Source: www.jpda.net/projects/sunset-park-townhouse

10- Fernan Lake Residence

Fernan Lake Residence

Source: www.upticstudios.com/fernan-lake-residence

11- Denver st Lot 7

Denver st Lot 7 Living Room

Source: www.upticstudios.com/denver-st-lot-7

12- Coeur d’alene Cabin Living Room

Coeur d'alene Cabin Living Room

Source: www.upticstudios.com/ceour-dalene-cabin

13- Playful and Modern Living Room

Playful and Modern Living Room

Source: www.jessicalagrange.com

14- Sleek and Stylish Living Room

Sleek and Stylish Living Room

Source: www.jessicalagrange.com

15- City Beach Home Living Room

City Beach Home Living Room

Source: www.cambuild.com.au/project/palana

16- Foster Residence Living Room

Foster Residence Living Room

Source: claytonandlittle.com/work/foster-residence

17- Balcones Residence Living Room

Balcones Residence Living Room

Source: claytonandlittle.com/work/balcones-residence

18- Elmwood, Pasadena Living Room

Elmwood, Pasadena Living Room

Source: madmodhome.com/elmwood-pasadena

19- The Madison Modern Home Living Room

The Madison Modern Home Living Room

Source: madmodhome.com/the-madison-modern-home

20- Serene Lake Home Living Room

Serene Lake Home Living Room

Source: gabberts.com/design/project/serene-lake-home

21- Lake Minnetonka Residence Living Room

Lake Minnetonka Residence Living Room

Source: gabberts.com/design/project/lake-minnetonka-residence/183

22- The Cut Out House, San Francisco – Living Room

The Cut Out House, San Francisco - Living Room

Source: fougeron.com/project/cutout

23- Flip of traditional SF home living room

Flip of traditional SF home living room

Source: fougeron.com/project/fliphouse

24- Jackson Family Retreat, Big Sur, California

Jackson Family Retreat, Big Sur, California

Source: fougeron.com/project/jackson

25- RCR Montana, Living Room

RCR Montana, Living Room

Source: clbarchitects.com/projects/rcr

26- Fishing Cabin, Jackson, Wyoming – Living Room

Fishing Cabin, Jackson, Wyoming - Living Room

Source: clbarchitects.com/projects/fishing-cabin

27- Loft-Like, New York – Living Room

Loft-Like, New York - Living Room

Source: lynngaffney.com/project/loft-like

28- Thorndale, NY – Living Room

Thorndale, NY - Living Room

Source: lynngaffney.com/project/thorndale

29- Russian Hill Condo – Living Room

Russian Hill Condo - Living Room

Source: five-design.com/russian-hill-condo

30- Noe Valley Condo, Small Living Room

Noe Valley Condo, Small Living Room

Source: five-design.com/noe-valley-condo

31- Trinity Woods House

Trinity Woods House

Source: five-design.com/trinity-woods-house

32- Casper Residence, Wa

Casper Residence, Wa

Source: cobbarch.com/casper-residence

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