25 Fascinating Wild Animals

Here is some important fact about animals;

Cheetahs, the fastest of all terrestrial predators, can maintain their maximum speed for only a few seconds.

60% of hunting attempts end insuccess, sometimes approaching from behind to catch their prey and drop them.

Nile crocodiles wait for migrating herds to come to their hunting grounds and during this waiting period of approximately 1 year they can go hungry.

Since crocodiles do not have the ability to chew, they group around their prey and rotate their bodies to take smaller bites from the animal they hunt.

There are more than 50 animals that the Honey Badger hunts and feeds; These include scorpion and ostrich eggs.

30 Fascinating Wild Animals;

1- Elk Looking for Food in Snow Canada

Elk Looking for Food in Snow Canada

via: bm.iphone

2- Brothers


via: TD Photography NL

3- White Tiger

White Tiger

via: bm.iphone

4- Moose


via: Henry Schimke

5- Angry Bison

Angry Bison

via: Henry Schimke

6- Jump of faith

Jump of faith

via: Abel Maestro Garcia

7- Sweet Fox

Sweet Fox

via Michel Rathwell

8- Lunchtime


via Arkansas ShutterBug

9- Baboons


via Rod Waddington

10- Red Panda

Red Panda

via Mrs Airwolfhound

11- Baby Orangutan

Baby Orangutan

via Björn Reibert

12- Lynx


via Mrs Airwolfhound

13- Fallow deer

Fallow deer

via Flickpicpete

14- Parrot


via Deni Williams

15- Orangutan


via Rodrigo Soldon 2

16- Elephant


via Mario Micklisch

17- Short Eared Owl

Short Eared Owl

via Nigel

18- Proud Cheetah

Proud cheetah

via Tambako The Jaguar

19- Rock Iguana

Rock Iguana

via Tambako The Jaguar

20- Rhinoceros


via Sharon M Leon

21- Zebra


via snarglebarf

22- The King

The King

via whippets.chrichri

23- Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

via Wisconsin Department of

24- Meerkat


via Sarah

25- Crocodile


via Joakim Poromaa Helger

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